DECA U Provincials 2020


3 Days, 2 Dinners, 1 Lunch,

Case Competition, 2 Night Stay at the Sheraton Hotel, Swag Bags, Special Prizes, 

Networking Opportunities and More

Beyond the case competition, there will be so many other awesome things to look forward to! There will be exclusive workshops and networking with industry professionals, a Saturday night social to celebrate your success, and all the perks mentioned above!

Many of our delegates have been asking to see an itinerary, check out the DECA U Provincials preliminary delegate package here! Don't miss out on this fantastic experience and unique opportunity to develop personally and professionally!

Tips and Tricks for Provincials 

Practice, Practice and Practice!
Without practice, you won’t do well. You need to recognize the minor mistakes you tend to make before provincials and correct them. One of the best things to prepare you is to practice past cases. You can click here to login to the DECA U portal to access a directory of past DECA U cases or click here to access the drive of cases that we used during DD sessions. Practice presenting to friends or with your roommates. You should definitely use the extra time you have now during the break to get through as many practice cases as you can before school starts!

Know Your KPIs
Use the acronym D.E.C.A to break down key performance indicators. 

          D: Define your KPI by using definitions

          E: Explain why it's important

          C: Connect the KPI to the case; how is it related? why should it be related?

          A: Above and beyond; what are you going to do to separate yourself from the rest of the competition?
*The above and beyond aspect is what will make your case special and increase the chances of you or your team placing.

Stay confident and believe in what you are pitching.

Remember to keep up with current news in your category, a lot of it will be applicable. 

Finally, have fun and remember that if you don't place it's not the end of the world. This is just an opportunity to improve your public speaking abilities and confidence in yourself!


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Provincials 2019

Invitationals 2019

TRSS 2018/2019

- Student Group of the Year

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Top 3 Winners




10 schools from all over Ontario were in attendance. More than 120 delegates in attendance. Over 15 sponsors were in our event. 

TRSS 2017/2018

- Best Academic Event


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