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Becoming a delegate means access to our exclusive Delegate Development Sessions, which will prepare you to compete as a member of our record-breaking chapter across the DECA circuit. You are only able to compete at DECA U Canada Provincials with the chance to go to Internationals if you have registered with us. 


Become a delegate today to be part of a student group that will help you develop strong communication skills, excel at case cutting and introduce you to a whole new network of friends and industry professionals

Join now to start making unforgettable memories and long-lasting friendships!

Below is our Delegate Package which provides you with all information

to being a delegate at DECA Ryerson 


Record breaking

Consistently striving to reach the pinnacle of academic, social and professional success

Represent Ryerson

Emphatic successes at case conferences at both provincial and global scale. Our team attends multitudes of conferences and pit ourselves against 30 other universities

Rapid Ascension

We have witnessed the rapid ascension of our 500 strong delegation to the top of the DECA U Collegiate ladder

Develop & Demonstrate

Strive to help students develop confidence and demonstrate leadership in the business community. providing our delegates with resources, networking opportunities, and a platform to harness their potential