Bemrich Ayuson

"The case competitions have taught me skills to critically solve everyday business problems that I can apply in my future career. DD sessions was a great place to practice cutting cases and fine-tune my skills. I have experienced many new sights in the world of business through workshops and networking events. DECA motivated me to break out of my comfort zone build long-lasting relationships."

Daniel wu

"DECA Ryerson opened up many opportunities for me a first-year student. Firstly, it enabled me to reach out to other students within TRSM that I would not necessarily would have met otherwise. Secondly, it gave me considerable insight into the industry I'm interested in and equipped me to network with professionals within those industries. Finally, Deca Ryerson gave me an important introduction to case competitions that I will take on for years to come."

Grace hickey

"Being part of DECA Ryerson as the marketing associate has allowed me to meet new people and build valuable relationships with them, that I wouldn't have had the chance to without this experience. I've made not just Linkedin connections but true friends"

Zain Abdul

"DECA is a great opportunity to network with people both inside the Ryerson business community and beyond. You get to meet people from across Ontario who are in a similar program, making it an amazing networking opportunity. I signed up for DECA without knowing anyone else going, and after the last night I note of all the new people I was able to meet and talk to from different schools who I never have gotten the chance to otherwise."

nicole Petroff

"I learned how important communication is with a teammate when it comes down to cutting a case with Karim Eletry. The conference was super fun! I think a lot of people are going to say "expand my case competition skills" and "network" which is true, but I think what I learned is how to improve my critical thinking. DECA really pushed me to be creative and open-minded when solving problems. It's a super useful skill to have, especially when doing a work term."


"Confidence. Impact. Inspiration. These three words perfectly summarize my experience with DECA Ryerson. Joining this amazing family ignited a domino effect of amazing opportunities for me that I didn’t realize would shape my university career for the better. I was able to experience professional networking for the first time and met people who inspire me every single day. All of which led me to greater leadership opportunities that I wouldn’t have recognized without DECA Ryerson."

Sijal Bari

"DECA has been a highlight of my first year. It was truly the best way to kickstart my journey at TRSM."

luma jaber

"As a shy person, never have I ever thought I was capable of cutting a case confidently let alone win the first place provincially with my best friend. being a part of DECA got me out of my comfort zone and opened my eyes to my true potential. I learned how to think outside the box, problem solve, cooperate with a team member and most importantly I learned how to have fun doing it all. The skills I have gained and the friendships I have made through this exceptional student group will forever be carried with me. If you’re looking to develop your skills while creating unforgettable fun memories, DECA is the place to be."

Janakan sivaloganathan

"The experience that I have had with DECA thus far have been remarkable. This organization has not only provided me with the opportunity to enrich my interpersonal skills, but develop a stronger sense of specific business communications. DECA has provided me with a pathway to express my thoughts and ideas relative to the real world problems. I have gained an abundance of valuable skills that I will continuously strengthen and apply in my university career."


Morgan Briere

"I joined DECA in my first year of university as a way to push myself out of my comfort zone. DECA not only helped me to learn more about the business world, but I met some of the most amazing people through DECA, and grew closer to the ones I already knew because of my experience. By joining DECA, it allowed me to understand that a lot of positives can come from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, which is something I will continue to appreciate throughout the rest of my life."


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